All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 11th July

This week we’ll have a great range of budget potatoes available – Kennebecs and Russets from Moore’s Farm Fresh and Dutch Creams from Dendra Gardens, all at $12/10kg. Cauliflower and cos twin packs from Southern Fields are available, as are most of the fresh lines from Dendra Gardens and both grey pumpkin and the heirloom varieties (bohemian, Queensland blue) from The Old Farm in Porth Arthur.

Lucaston Park still have some of their Red D’anjou pears available (pictured) along with granny smith, royal gala and golden delicious apples.

If you haven’t pre-ordered parsnips last week for this week, we may be able to squeeze you in this week if you let us know immediately.

We can also source some premium Jerusalem Artichokes (terrible photo but you get the idea…) for next week for $42/5kg – please let us know this week if you are interested.