All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 4th July

This week will likely be the last week of tomatoes for the season – truss, green and sauce are all available, so if you want any now is the time to get them! We’ll also be ordering caulis and cos hearts from Southern Fields this week, but please note that the season is now finished for iceberg lettuce.

Potato grower John has a great range of potatoes available for order at the moment – see attachment for details, and let me know if you want more information on any of these varieties – and also has sweet and tender major plus swedes available which he’s digging for order which we can do for $18/10kg.

Brussels sprouts from Grown for Taste are available – after this week there will probably be a gap for a couple of weeks followed by one more pick. We’ll also have supply of sprouts from Premium Fresh after this though, although again we won’t have these every week as we only order with them periodically.

Next week is parsnips from Sassafras Farm – these need to be ordered in advance so if you’d like them please order them in the next couple of days and we’ll get them to you next week. These are also something we only order every few weeks – other lines that it’s best to stock up on when they’re on the list include celeriac, pears and to some extent potatoes, onions and pumpkin.

Over July we hope to have more of The Old Farm’s heirloom pumpkin varieties, Jerusalem Artichokes, red d’Anjou pears and also cabbages from Old School Farm, although all of these are subject to availability. We’ll continue to have avocados available too, which are still ripening up beautifully and tasting great!