Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 28th June

With probably only one more week left of tomatoes for the season, we’re offering $40 boxes a chance to experiment with an interesting seasonal delight – green tomatoes! Green tomatoes tend to be firmer than their ripe counterparts and are certainly more tart, but also have an appealing meatiness to their flavour – classic applications include green tomato pickle and the American classic of fried green tomatoes (often coated in polenta or similar), but they can stand in for tomatillos in south American dishes, and there’s nothing stopping them from being used for a twist in the usual places you’d find ripe tomatoes, although you may find you need to sweeten them up a bit.

Turnips are a classic winter vegetable – not to be confused with swede or rutabaga, which is actually a cross between turnip and cabbage and is largely sweet with most of the pepperiness and bitterness bred out of it – that is best boiled in well-salted water. The longer you cook it, the lighter the texture becomes and the less “turnipy” it tastes – it can be eaten raw but generally the less time you cook it the smaller the cut should be; julienne is best for raw applications, but if you’re boiling it to make a mash then rough large chunks are definitely the go. It can be added to stews and braises too, but as the bitterness tends to leech out into whatever the turnips are cooked in it may need you to make some adjustments to the broth to balance or complement this flavour.