All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 27th June

This week we’re planning to order with Premium Fresh, so loose root veg (carrots, beetroot, swede, turnip) should all be available; I haven’t had confirmation on rhubarb yet and with this cold weather I’d be dubious but fingers crossed! We’re also ordering with Southern Fields (cauli, iceberg, cos) and Dendra Market Gardens. Packham pears from OE Hansen & Son are available also but please order these NOW or you will miss out. (Premium Fresh orders also need ideally to be in today as I’m hoping to arrange a Tuesday dispatch for logistics reasons).

We’ll have new stock of avocados coming in this week and also have the tail end of our last order to use, so if you’d like avos please specify if you have a preference for green or partially ripe fruit.



A few special items this week:

  •  bohemian AND Qld blue pumpkin from The Old Farm are available, $2.1
  • rocket bunches from Richmond Farm from $2.2
  • green tomatoes from Cracknells tomatoes, $42 – truss and sauce also available but only this week and next
  • we may have some 10kg dutch cream bags coming in from Dendra, not exactly sure when they’re arriving yet
  • Grown for Taste have Brussels Sprouts available again (get in this week as it’s likely there’ll be a gap in supply again after this week)