Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 21st June

We always like tracking down more unusual varieties of familiar fruit and veg, and this week’s box features quite a few!

$40 boxes include red d’anjou pears from Lucaston Park Orchards – great for poaching or baking, and perfect for a Dark Mofo themed weekend desert, especially if they’re poached in red wine or port!

$20 boxes include a piece of a pumpkin variety that I had never heard of until Martin from The Old Farm in Port Arthur contacted me to see if we’d like some. Bohemian pumpkins tend towards a more elongated ovoid shape and have quite attractive striping on the skin – the word is that they’re particularly tasty and having cut sixty pieces for boxes this week the flesh is a beautiful vivid orange colour and I’m rather looking forward to trying some myself!

$30 and $40 boxes also include some delicate and sweet purple spring onions and mustardy red mizuna from Richmond Farm, and continuing on the reds and purples theme, small, regular and large boxes also include salad rose potatoes from John, which feature a lovely red skin and creamy flesh, not super-waxy but still suitable for salads or roasting.