All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 20th June

We’ll be ordering with Southern Fields (cauliflower, cos lettuce, iceberg lettuce), Elphin Grove Farm (celeriac), and hopefully Hills Hydroponics (herbs – but still waiting to hear back on availability here) this week, plus most of the usual lines from Dendra Market Garden will be available although as winter comes in the range will narrow – fennel is now finished (sorry for the short notice!), mesclun and cherry tomatoes are also finished, and rocket is temporarily out also.

Brandsema are now also finished for the season, but Cracknells tomatoes have a few more weeks left, and will have truss and sauce tomatoes available – $32.5/5kg truss, $24/10kg sauce. We’ll have brown onions and Dutch Creams from Moore’s back in stock this week, but unfortunately they’re out of pumpkins at the moment so we’ll continue to have none of these available.

Richmond Farm have a couple of special items this week – purple spring onions and mizuna – in addition to kale, choy sum, coriander and parsley.

We should also have apples available this week, and may have some red D’anjou pears from Lucaston Park available which are apparently great for baking and poaching and have a richly red coloured skin. Will keep you posted!