All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 13th June

Not heaps available this week, sorry – partly down to the public holiday, partly down to the weather.

Plenty of fresh stock of avocados – don’t forget these will need a week or two in a reasonably warm place to ripen up.

We’ll have plenty of produce coming in from Dendra Gardens this week – wombok and fennel are looking particularly good at the moment – and Richmond Farm have mixed red/purple radish bunches in addition to choy sum and kale. We’re also hoping to order with Brandsema but this will be a bit uncertain due to the public holiday today.

We had hoped to have a last order of strawberries this week but these are now definitely finished for the season. New stock of pumpkin and onions will be coming in next week.

If you forgot to order parsnips last week we might be able to squeeze your order in if you order straight away – please note that we won’t be offering small size orders of the premium parsnips as we’re not ordering those for the boxes this week, but we do have a few kg of the seconds unallocated as yet.

If there’s anything you’re looking for as we move into winter, please don’t hesitate to ask – we might not be able to get it for you, but it’s also possible that we might!