All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 6th June

Apologies to those that missed out on cauliflower last week – Southern Fields let me know on Friday that there will be caulis this week, so order away! With the uneven temperatures and weather unfortunately the most carefully staggered plantings can tend to come on all at once and then leave gaps in between the gluts. Grown for Taste will have Brussels sprouts available this week after predicting last week that they wouldn’t, for the same reason.

We’ll be planning to order parsnips for next week – these need to be ordered a week in advance so please let me know this week if you’d like them next week. Our potato grower John has swede in this year – a slightly different variety to the regular commercial variety grown for the supermarket variety, with a slightly paler flesh, but just as delicious and freshly dug to order. John has plenty of varieties of potato available at the moment too – we’re ordering in kipflers and carlingfords for the boxes this week but heaps of others are also available, and King Edwards and Up to Dates are again available.

We’re ordering pears from OE Hansen & Son this week – please get orders in for these IMMEDIATELY as their arrangements with Woolworths have changed and they are now delivering to town on Tuesdays rather than Wednesdays. To facilitate logistics I’m also working on getting our Premium Fresh order dispatched on Tuesday, so if you’re after any of their lines it would be great if you could get the order in early this afternoon.

We’re ordering with Cracknells tomatoes again this week to break up the fortnightly rotation of tomatoes (truss/cherry), which means truss and sauce tomatoes are available this week and we’ll be back to cherry tomatoes (and hopefully capsicum) from Brandsema next week – however, we’re also ordering in cherry tomatoes from Dendra Market Gardens this week if you need any.