All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 23rd May

This week we’re ordering celeriac from Elphin Grove Farm – we will only order this every few weeks and it stores well so stock up when it’s available please!

We’re also ordering with Premium Fresh, which means loose carrots and other root veg will be on the menu. This will be the last week PF will have broccoli available, but we may have a local grower supplying us from next week, fingers crossed.

John has a huge range of potatoes available at the moment – see the list for details, and if you’re curious about what any of them are please feel free to ask for more information.

Lucaston Park still have some quinces available as of last week – we’ll be ordering some this week but this will probably be the last time they’ll be available.

We’re also ordering with Brandsema – but still no capsicums available unfortunately – and Dendra Market Gardens, and there’s plenty of avos still available from last week’s Avoland order. Small amounts of brown onion and pumpkin may be possible this week but we’ll order again with Moore’s next week so there will be plenty available then.