All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 16th May

This week we’ll be getting down what will probably be our last avocado order from Avoland Avocados for the season – we’ll have these for the next few weeks until they run out. If you need to use them straight away don’t order this week as they’ll be fully green, but if you want to stock up on freshly picked avos that will last a while on the retail shelf then this is a good week to do it! Don’t forget – unless they’re fully ripe they should be stored between 8c and room temperature to avoid blackening on the inside. Once ripe they can be happily stored at normal refrigerated temperatures.

We’ll be ordering with Dendra Market Gardens, York Town Organics and Southern Fields this week, meaning a great range of roots, leafies and salad. We’re also hoping for strawberries from DM Jennings & Sons this week – please note that these are delivered to us on Friday morning so this may result in your whole order being postponed until Friday delivery depending upon logistics.

Sauce tomatoes from Cracknells will be available this week, and truss trays are fairly good value at the moment at $29. Garlic, onions, pumpkin and walnuts are also all available, and Brussels Sprouts from Grown for Taste are also available for another few weeks.

We’re planning to order celeriac next week – this will be something we only order every few weeks so stock up when available as it stores very well – and we also anticipate having some home-grown horseradish coming up in the next week or so; if you’d like this you might want to put dibs in early!