All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 9th May

We’ve got a pretty big line up this week – we’re ordering with Dendra Market Gardens, Old School Farm, Southern Fields, Brandsema, Hills Hydroponics and York Town Organics + more, so there’s a great range of produce available.

Please note that any orders for Brandsema or York Town Organics lines really need to be in TODAY.

Hills Hydroponics are sending down some Thai basil for us this week, something we haven’t been able to get hold of generally. Watercress should also be available this week along with the usual range of herbs, but supply can be variable – we’ll get back to you to confirm your order.

Potato grower John has been furiously digging to beat the weather and has quite a number of varieties available currently – this week we’re ordering pink fir apple and cranberry red (pictured – please note that this is a stock photo not an actual photo of John’s potatoes – a pinkish waxy potato). Cheap Kennebecs and Dutch creams are also available.

Brussels sprouts from Grown for Taste are available this week – and G&H can also do baby Brussels if anyone is interested in these – and we’re also ordering cabbages and kale from Old School Farm.

We’re also ordering our first lot of pumpkin for the season this week from Moore’s Farm Fresh – this is the sweet grey variety and is great value at $1.3/kg uncut (i.e. we’ll supply you with a whole pumpkin at $1.3/kg, but you’re welcome to request a rough size).

Avocados are also still available and will be for a good few weeks – a very long season this year!