All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 25th April

Please note that this Thursday is Anzac Day – we’ll go ahead with deliveries as usual on Thursday so please do let us know if you won’t be open to accept deliveries on Thursday and we’ll see what we can arrange. Some of the availability info may shift tomorrow when larger farms are back on after the public holiday and can confirm what’s happening, but please place orders regardless and if there’s any changes we’ll let you know.

This week we should have the first fingerling potatoes – Kipfler, Russian banana and pink fir apple – available from our potato grower John. We’ll also have Tasmanian celery (something quite rare) available starting this week from Dendra Gardens, and the sample we received before Easter was excellent.

Grown for Taste have both broccoletti and Brussels sprouts available this week – please note that the broccoletti is much better value if you buy this by the kg rather than the bunch – and we’ll also have some pretty purple radishes from Richmond Farm.

New season walnuts from Coaldale Walnuts are now available, and we should have these in stock pretty much constantly for the coming months – these really are a cut above the average walnut and a bargain starting at $9.75/kg.

Corn should still be available for a couple more weeks at this stage – although weather could make this change – and we’re expecting to have avocados available for the rest of May.