All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 5th April

This week we’ve got a few special things on offer…

Old School Farm will be sending some lovely purple cauliflower our way – supply will be limited and the price is a little higher than a regular white at $4.5 each, but they’re also very pretty!

Continuing on the purple theme, our potato grower John’s Sapphire potatoes are ready – these have a dark (almost navy) blue skin, but are like blueberry ripple on the inside. They’re more a floury than a waxy type – good for chipping or mashing etc.

If you’re looking for specialty onions, we’ve currently got some stock of cipollini onions (red and yellow) and also golden and red shallots from Esk Valley Farm.

We still have plenty of Lucaston Park Quinces available, and we also have a small quantity of home-grown hazelnuts from the Tasman Peninsula at a bargain price of $5/kg. (We’re expecting our commercial growers of walnuts and hazelnuts to be ready for orders soon).

We’re ordering with Brandsema this week – if you’d like capsicum or cherry tomatoes please put your orders in TODAY. We’ll also have the usual range from Dendra Market Gardens, and Grown for Taste will have Brussels Sprouts available which we can do in either 1kg or 5kg lots.