Orders for our all-Tasmanian fruit and veg boxes are now open for April

Orders for our all-Tasmanian fruit and veg boxes are now open for April! To place an order, just let us know by email what box type and optional add-ons you’d like on each of the following dates.

  • 5th April
  • 12th April
  • 26th April

*Please note that we will not be offering boxes on 19th April which is Good Friday.

Our seasonal fruit supplement will no longer be available in April, reflecting the end of the seasonal bounty of freshly picked fruit. Apples, pears and strawberries will still be available, and we’re also hoping for feijoas and passionfruit. Winter roots like beets and swede will begin to become more common, and brassica will be a larger component of boxes with cauliflower and Brussels sprouts in particular coming into their own at this time of the year. Pumpkin and nuts may also begin to make an appearance, along with celery and fennel. However, corn, avocados, capsicum and tomatoes will still linger for a while longer.

If you’re ordering for the first time or you’re changing your delivery/pick-up status you’ll need to specify which of these two options you’d prefer when ordering, along with any items you’d like excluded. New and existing customers are also welcome to order a single box to try the service first, and as an added incentive, delivery (normally $5 extra) is free with your first box. Delivery is available in a wide range of areas, and we also offer third-party delivery to locations in the Huon and the east coast.

Please email backyardbounty.vegiebox@gmail.com to order for April or for any enquiries, and we’ll get back to you soon!

*Photos are examples of boxes from April 2018 which will broadly reflect what’s seasonally available this April.