All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 22nd March

This week we’ll have the first certified organic apples for the season from the Duggans – this week’s pick is Lady in the Snow. We’ll also have pears from OE Hansen & Son and (hopefully) strawberries from DM Jenning & Sons. Blueberries are now finished for the season, although if anyone is keen we should be able to arrange frozen 1kg seconds packs from Tru Blu next week – please let me know this week if this is something you’d be interested in. We’re also hoping to get some quinces – will keep you all posted!

We’ll be ordering from Cracknells tomatoes this week and next – market price on premium truss tomatoes is pretty high at the moment, but we’ll also be able to supply some saucing tomatoes at the nice price of $24/10kg. Dendra cherry tomatoes are also available, but please note these only come in trays of retail punnets rather than having a 2kg bulk pack option like Brandsema.

Avocados should be available for at least another month, probably longer. Don’t forget we’re also now offering small size avos for $60/5kg. If you don’t specify a size when ordering we’ll assume you’re happy with a tray of mixed size which is the median price – $65.

We’re ordering with Premium Fresh and Dendra Market Gardens this week so there’s a great range of good value veg – both loose and bunched types – and we’re ordering Premium Fresh’s delicious Chantenay carrots for the boxes so we can do smaller quantities this week if you’d like to try them out.

Our fig tree is just starting to head into the second – larger – crop of smaller figs. We’ll be lucky to pick more than a few kg this week but there should be larger amounts soon, weather permitting. We’ll operate on a first-in-first-served basis with these so if you want them order early!