Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 15th March

We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to develop two-way relationships with a number of our growers this year – not just us buying what they’re growing, but also having the confidence to ask them to grow lines especially for you to enjoy. George & Hilary from Grown for Taste in particular have been as keen as us to work together to find crops to grow on a relatively large scale that they enjoy growing and we like buying! We’ve been pleased to be able to buy hundreds of whole-head lettuce from them, giving us access to a much wider range of unpackaged lettuce types. This week they’ve started harvesting their Brussels Sprouts crop – something George contacted me about a few months ago to make sure we’d be interested – and having snacked on quite a few when I was weighing them out yesterday I can confirm that they’re delicious!

Old School Farm this week have also brought the brassicae to the party with more cabbages and also cauliflower for the first time. Hills Hydroponics’ basil this week will go perfectly with the garlic and cherry tomatoes, but we’ve also been able to get some of their spicy watercress to share with $40 box customers.

Lucaston Park have supplied delicious Royal Gala apples this week, and fruit supplement customers will be able to enjoy strawberries and blueberries from the Huon Valley this week – but with blueberries now at an end, and difficulties in securing the required quantities of autumn raspberries this year, this may be the last week we can offer the fruit supplement. More details will be forwarded to customers who are affected by this this weekend.