All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 14th February

This week is a good week to get quality potatoes – we’ll be collecting kennebecs, Dutch creams, Nicolas and up to dates from our Lymington potato grower John (which is a fortnightly run) so if you’d like potatoes for the next couple of weeks get your orders in today or tomorrow. Corn from Elphin Grove Farm, avocados from Avoland and the usual great range of market garden specialties from Dendra Gardens are available, and we’ll also be ordering truss tomatoes from Cracknells which should be around $24 a tray.

Some exciting special offers this week – Grown for Taste have limited numbers of rockmelon available (these come in at about 500g ea and are a sweet but crisp variety, so they won’t sog up your fruit salad); golden beets from Richmond Farm are also available, and Mrs BB has small numbers of Greek oregano, lemon verbena and bi-colour sage available. Dendra Gardens have also started harvesting their delicious wombok this week!

York Town greens are on special for $22 this week (normally $24) and Tokyo turnips are on a super special at $10/kg. We’re also ordering garlic from the Tasmanian Garlic Company this week – now’s a great time to make the most of local garlic as by July it’s generally all over.