All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 7th February

We’re pretty excited to announce that Tasmanian corn season is on! Elphin Grove will be sending us down thousands of ears of the sweetest corn you’ve ever tasted over the next month or so – and their celeriac (modeled here by two somewhat famous people) is only a matter of weeks away too…

Things that go with corn? Capsicum and cherry tomatoes from Brandsema (also available this week), guacamole (made with avocados and red onion, also both available this week), or maybe spring onions (from Dendra Gardens) and fresh herbs (from Richmond Farm and York Town Organics).

Premium Fresh have started harvesting Chantenay carrots (in addition to their regular carrots) – a cute, stubby little carrot perfect for cooking whole that we quite like to include in our boxes as an occasional treat, and Richmond Farm have very pretty golden beetroot bunches available this week too.

We’re still working on fruit at the moment – the weather combined with the local bushfires are making supply rather sketchy – but we’re hoping we may be able to get some stone-fruit (plums, greengages, cherries and/or maybe others) so if there’s something you’re keen to get hold of let us know today and we might be able to figure something out.

Don’t forget – Brandsema and York Town lines need to be ordered on Monday or as early as possible Tuesday to avoid missing out!