All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 31st January

This week we’ll have new season onions available – red and brown – from Moore’s Farm Fresh; lovely fresh leeks and spring onions from Dendra Market Gardens are also available, as is garlic from Tasmanian Garlic Company. Southern Fields iceberg and cos lettuce are on the menu for this week – we’ll only be ordering from Southern Fields periodically while cauliflowers aren’t available so it’s a good time to order if you’re after iceberg especially.

We’ll be ordering herbs with Hills Hydroponics – we’re waiting to hear back regarding what’s available this week, and it appears there may be no basil, but please let us know if you’re after basil so we can book it in for you if it’s available. We’ll also have both cherry tomatoes and truss tomatoes available, but no capsicums this week – we’re planning to order with Brandsema next week.

Richmond Farm have butter and green beans available, as well as a great range of leafies on a special price this week (mizuna, choy sum, bok choy, silverbeet) and cherries from Lucaston Park will definitely be available. (I’m waiting to hear back regarding how much longer they will be picking for at this stage.) We’ll also be ordering with Tru Blu blueberries – both firsts and seconds should be available.

If you’re in the market for jamming apricots, please let us know – Bagdad orchard have quite a lot to shift, and I can personally confirm that they’re dangerously full of flavour!

Please note that despite the public holiday, we’ll still need to order for dispatch from northern growers on Tuesday/Wednesday, so if you’re ordering tomorrow please try to get your orders in as early as possible.