All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 25th January

We’ve managed to get a little ahead this week with avocados, which means that we will have some partially ripe avos available in addition to green stock coming in on Thursday. If you have a preference for either, please specify when you order.

York Town Organics have rocket on a special price this week – $18/kg which is a real bargain for certified organic! – and we also have a great range of salad options available from Dendra Market Gardens this week. Market price for truss tomatoes has been sitting at a very friendly around $24/5kg tray for quite a while now, but broccoli prices remain high.

Special items this week – mixed beetroot bunches and ruby chard from Richmond Farm, rhubarb from Old School Farm – and please note that this may be the last week we can source cherries so if you’d like some now’s a good time to order! We’re hoping to be able to source some apricots this week – if you’re interested please let us know.

We’re hoping to have red and brown onions from next week, and wombok should be ready not long after that.