Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 18th January

Fruit season in Tasmania may be short, but it certainly is amazing while it lasts… This week’s boxes feature delicious blueberries from Tru Blu Berries just south of Cygnet, but for those who have opted for the fruit supplement and boxes we’ve also sourced big juicy cherries from Lucaston Park Orchards, strawberries from DM Jennings & Sons at Cygnet, and the star of Tassie summer – the insanely delicious Moorpark apricot, this week from The Apricot Farm in Granton. (I think I’ve probably already eaten a few kg of these just in the last couple of days…) Skye’s small family orchard pick to sell – larger orchards have access to packing technology that lengthens the life of the fruit, advanced grading machines and large cool-stores – and this will probably be the only week we’re able to get fruit from their orchard! With the hot weather this year it’s looking a bit like a short, but furious, fruit season – so don’t wait if you’re keen to get bulk quantities of jamming fruit.

Carrots are plentiful at this time of the year, but boxes this week feature a variety of root veg, including golden beets from Richmond Farm and sweet baby turnips from York Town Organics. These Tokyo turnips are a favourite of chefs with their mild flavour and their textural versatility – they can be eaten raw for crunch, or cooked to just about any point depending upon the desired texture – and they’re great for soaking up butter and herbal flavours too, perfect for combining with this week’s dill, also from York Town Organics.

Dendra Market Gardens snow peas are hitting their stride – we’ll be including these in boxes regularly for the next couple of months all being well – and with the lifting of the fruit-fly quarantine status, the Brandsema family are now able to send us their delicious tomatoes and capsicum without the hassle and reduced shelf life brought on by biosecurity requirements. John’s freshly dug Kennebec and Up to Date potatoes have lovely flaky skins – and of course this week we also welcome back Tassie avocados!