All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 18th January

We’re back! We’ll resume our normal delivery service as of this Thursday (18th) – the only break between now and Christmas may be the week of Easter.

In the last week the good news has come through that the fruit-fly quarantine area in the north of the state has been lifted – this is great new for not only sweet fruit but also “savoury” fruits, i.e. tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants, which will no longer need to be fumigated. It’s unlikely that we’ll see any eggplants this season sadly, but if we can avoid any further incursions of fruit fly into the state we’re hoping that next season these should be available. Buying local fruit where possible significantly reduces the risk of further outbreaks, so when you buy from us you’re helping local growers in more ways than one!

Avocados will be available from this Thursday – if you’ve emailed through a pre-order for these in the last week this has been processed, and anything else you order from the list today will be added to this order. Don’t forget the price for trays has come down to $65/5kg mixed size and $70 for larges (200g +).

Fruit season is now in full swing – this week we’ll have blueberries, cherries and strawberries available. Moorpark apricots are available at $29/5kg, and we also have a few (approx 6kg) purple plums from our own tree – any reasonable offer accepted as we’re not going to have time to use them. Sadly, it hasn’t been a good season in terms of weather for Canes Stonefruit at Franklin, which may mean that we’re unable to source peaches or nectarines at all – we’re working on some other options and will keep you posted. New season apples and pears are still a little while off.

There’s a great range of local veg available this week – including Richmond Farm’s lovely golden beets and snow peas from Dendra Market Gardens. Certified organic baby Tokyo turnips from York Town Organics are on special this week for $10/kg. Quite a few lines will be starting up in Feb – new season local brown and red onions will be available in two weeks, and parsnips should also come online in Feb too. Corn and celeriac are just around the corner, and we’ll also be picking sweet and delicious figs from our own tree pretty soon. We’re also hoping for wombok, celery and fennel from Dendra Market Gardens in Feb but will keep you posted! New season potatoes are just getting started and at this stage no low-cost bagged potatoes are available.

[List will be added as soon as I can figure out how to make the new version of Word Press include this!]