All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 21st December

This are our last wholesale offers for the year before our break – we’ll have produce available again on the 18th but we may also be able to source avocados the week before. However, we’re going out with a bang – there’s heaps available this week as the Tassie summer starts to swing into gear!

We’re ordering lots of fruit for our box customers’ Christmas orders this week – so we’ve got a great range of fruit available for you too. Raspberries from Lucaston Park, blueberries from Tru Blu at Lymington, strawberries from DM Jennings at Cygnet and cherries from Cherries Tasmania at Old Beach are all available – full trays are can be ordered tomorrow but if you want smaller quantities please snap these up today as we’ll be working to use the surplus punnets as subs for boxes.

Premium Fresh loose carrots are available from this week – and we can also confirm that their asparagus continues to be available this week, which is the latest we’ve ever seen Tassie asparagus in the few years that it’s been available.

Dendra Market Gardens have an ever increasing range of produce available, including some spectacular beetroot bunches from just $2.3 and delicious Dutch Cream potatoes for $43 a case. Local potato grower John has also started on King Edwards and Kennebecs, and his Pink Eyes (at this stage of the season a bit larger but still just as delicious) are now only $60/20kg.

We’re also ordering with Hills and Brandsema this week, so a full range of herbs should be available as well as cherry tomatoes and capsicum, and truss tomatoes from Cracknells will be available (the price for the last couple of weeks has been steady at $24/5kg which is great value for premium local tomatoes).

Podding peas from Mooreville Gardens are a maybe, and we may also have sugar snap peas from Grown for Taste available at $11/kg, and broad beans from Falling Rock at $5/kg. Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re interested in these lines.

Thanks for your support this year – and your patience as we’ve worked through various challenges and establishing the best ways of managing this new arm of our Tasmanian owned and operated small business. We look forward to continuing to source great quality local produce for you into 2019 and beyond and have a merry Christmas!

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 21st December