All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 14th December

Good news for those of you who have been making the most of the short Tasmanian asparagus season – Premium Fresh are hoping to still have asparagus this week AND next! They’ll also have rhubarb and broccoli available from this week, and loose carrots should be available next week.

Dendra Market Gardens will have bunched beetroot and silverbeet available from this week, and Dutch Creams are now down to $43/box. Spinach, rocket and mesclun are all available in both retail and catering packs. Peas from Mooreville Gardens should also be available this week, which may be the last week for these.

Apples from the Duggans are now finished for the season, but we’re hoping to get raspberries and cherries from Lucaston Park this week (details to be confirmed), who may have some apples available. Details on this will be confirmed later.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 14th December