All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 7th December

This week it seems that legumes are finally starting to kick off! We’re hoping to be able to source snow peas, sugar snaps AND podding peas this week – please let us know how much you’re interested in and we’ll try and make it happen! We may even be able to find some broadies too…

We’ll also have some home-grown lemons available this week for the usual price of $15/5kg.

Premium Fresh rhubarb have started harvesting rhubarb this week – $29 for 10 is great value – and Richmond Farm have some lovely mixed colour radish available.

Please note that orders for Brandsema and York Town lines ideally need to be in today, as do orders for new season potatoes from Dendra Market Gardens. All other orders ideally should be in by no later than lunchtime tomorrow.