Orders for our December all-Tasmanian produce boxes are now open!

Orders for our all-Tasmanian fruit and veg boxes are now open for December! To place an order, just let us know by email what box type and optional add-ons you’d like on each of the following dates.

  • 7th December
  • 14th December
  • 21st December [please note order for the 21st are due by the 10th]


Christmas is just around the corner – and we’d love to make the burden of preparing for Christmas just that little bit easier for you! On the 21st of December, we’ll offer our regular box service as usual for those of you who still want your weekly dose of fresh Tassie produce as normal. However, we’re also offering a range of fresh produce – fruit, potatoes and herbs – for you to choose from for this week only, to make your Christmas that little bit more special. You can order from the list to supplement your existing box order, or just pick the items you want from the list as a stand-alone order. Regardless of how much you order on the 21st, delivery will be charged at the usual rate ($5 in most areas). To encourage you to make it a merry Christmas for Tassie farmers, we’re also offering bulk specials on the fresh produce list. Please note that normal boxes on the 21st won’t contain fruit, potatoes, or herbs – if you’d like them, please order them separately, and reduce your box size accordingly if you wish to compensate for this.

You’ll find the link to the fresh produce order form below – the easiest way to submit your order is to download the Excel format which will calculate the totals for you as you enter your quantities, but you can also download the PDF format and either scan in your completed order or just send us an email with the quantities you want. Either way, if you could please rename your order form as your name before sending it back to us it’ll make Mr BB’s job just that little bit easier…

Backyard Bounty Christmas Order Form

Backyard Bounty Christmas Order Form

In addition to the fresh produce order list for the 21st, we’re offering a range of festive bakery items for order on all dates in December. Imago Bakery’s deluxe fruit mince pies are a bespoke blend of dried fruits and spice, which have been waiting for Christmas in a boozy bath since June, and bundled up in a rather special almond pastry – the best in town. R.T. Fish Bakery are offering proper traditional Christmas puds, hung in cloth, for the bargain price of $19.5, and if you want something to put your Tassie fruit in for Christmas lunch one of their pavlovas made from all Tasmanian eggs are certainly a winning choice. If gluten isn’t your friend, we have delicious Spiced Christmas biscuits from Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees (in addition to Foccacia-packs and Super Seedy loaves from Baked Gluten Free nee Straight up Bakers), and Corey’s Maple, Cinnamon and Pecan loaf is just the ticket if you like all things Christmas but would prefer it if it came in toast form. Here’s the full list:

Our Bumper All Tasmanian December Bakery List

Fruit and veg really kick off in Tasmania in December – we’ll see the first zucchini, capsicum, loose carrots and baking potatoes for the season, and perhaps more importantly, raspberries, cherries, blueberries and stone-fruit are just around the corner. Peas – snow, sugar snap and podding – are on the way, and it’s even possible there may be some beans coming too.

If you’re ordering for the first time or you’re changing your delivery/pick-up status you’ll need to specify which of these two options you’d prefer when ordering, along with any items you’d like excluded. New customers are also welcome to order a single box to try the service first, and as an added incentive, delivery (normally $5 extra) is free with your first box. Delivery is available in a wide range of areas, and we also offer third-party delivery to locations in the Huon and the east coast.

Please email backyardbounty.vegiebox@gmail.com to order for December or for any enquiries, and we’ll get back to you soon!

*Photos are examples of boxes from December 2017 which will broadly reflect what’s seasonally available this December.