IMPORTANT INFORMATION re service over Dec/Jan

As we approach the festive season, there will be some changes to the normal BB schedule. Please read the following information carefully, and if you have any questions we’ll be happy to respond to your email replies to clarify anything. We cannot take any responsibility for any issues caused by not taking the time to read and understand this information.

As a small, family owned and run business, BB needs to have a short break every year to recharge and refresh. We do this at the same time as most people have their annual leave (during the Christmas period) to minimise inconvenience. Our last box in December will be on the 21st, and our first box in January will be on the 18th. There will be no boxes prepared for delivery or pick-up in between these dates, and enquiries made after the 21st December will not receive a reply until the 9th of January at the earliest. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

All subscriber customers will automatically resume their weekly or fortnightly order in January unless we receive a request to suspend the subscription or delay the resumption of service. All weekly subscribers will resume by default on the 18th January. Fortnightly subscribers who receive their last box on the 21st December will resume by default on the 25th January; those who receive their last box on the 14th December will resume by default on the 18th January. If this doesn’t suit your needs, or if you want to cancel any dates on your subscription order in December or January, we would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible. The full list of Fridays that we are supplying boxes in December and January is listed below; don’t forget to factor in the Australia day long weekend, also listed in the dates.

Please note that the due date for December invoices is the 14th of December. We would prefer not to be hassling people for money just before or after Christmas, and we’d also prefer not to start our own holiday period significantly out of pocket, so please respect this deadline and be prompt with payments. We reserve the right to refer any unpaid December accounts to a collection agency when we return in January.

Each Friday in December, we’ll offer a range of delicious additional Christmas-themed bakery items along with our usual great range of local add-ons – more details will be available when orders open for December.

In previous years we’ve offered a special “choose your own” Christmas box; this year we’ve made the decision (for our own sanity) to streamline this process. On the 21st December, we’ll offer our usual box service – if you’d prefer to just get a normal box of fresh, seasonal produce as per every other week this option will continue to be available. In addition to this, we’ll have a small range of fresh produce available to order separately – this will primarily be fruit, but also include potatoes and some other less perishable staple items. These items can either be ordered as a supplement to your existing order, or as a stand-alone order. Orders for these additional fresh produce lines on the 21st must be placed no later than the 10th December. Full information regarding this will be available when orders open for December. Please note that to avoid unexpected double-ups, items offered in this fresh produce supplement will be excluded from all boxes – so, for instance, if you would like to have potatoes on the 21st you’ll need to order these as an add-on. The standard box we’ll supply on the 21st will be a range of fresh veg selected from the most popular items chosen from previous year’s Christmas boxes.

When we resume in January, we’ll have our $25 fruit box and $10 fruit supplement available – this gives you the option to enjoy a great range of additional Tasmanian fruit during the short local peak fruit season. $10 fruit supplements will generally include only fruit that isn’t already included in your regular box; $25 fruit boxes can be purchased separately (i.e. you don’t need to order a vegie box to order a fruit box) and may have some overlap with the week’s regular box. Fruit boxes and supplements do not have the option of an exclusion list. If you would like to add either of these to your subscription order for January it would be great if you can let us know now, as the window for processing January orders will be quite tight. ‘

We anticipate that we’ll also be offering half kg lots of Avoland avocados for $8 again from this January but we’ll confirm this closer to the date. Don’t forget that every Monday we also publish our wholesale offers on our website – this is primarily for our hospitality and retail customers but box customers are welcome to order from this list also; please be mindful of set order quantities where applicable.


30th November: November invoice due date

7th December: normal service

10th December: orders for optional extras on 21st due

14th December: normal service

14th December: December invoice due date (please note this is earlier than usual)

21st December: normal service + optional extras for Christmas*

25th December: Christmas Day

28th December: no service

1st January: New Year’s Day

4th January: no service

9th January: orders for January open/subscriber invoices mailed out

11th January: no service

18th January: normal service + fruit box/supplement option

25th January: normal service + fruit box/supplement option*

26th January-28th January: Australia Day long weekend