Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 16th November

It’s always a bit of an event when we have Cygnet Mushroom Farm mushrooms in the box – we have to plan it a few weeks out so they can be grown especially – but there’s plenty of other great goodies in this week’s box too – and don’t forget, it’s all grown right here in Tasmania!

$40 boxes in particular have a whole range of great items including broccoletti from Grown for Taste, and red mizuna from Richmond Farm. All boxes except the $25 budget boxes include a kilo of freshly dug Cygnet pink eyes from our potato grower John, a perennial Tassie favourite, and $30 and $40 boxes get strawberries from David Jennings, about ten minutes away; David and John have actually known each other since they were kids growing up in the valley!

Basil from Hills Hydroponics and tomatoes from Cracknell Tomatoes make a classic combination; the Tassie chick peas in $20 and $40 boxes are a versatile inclusion – why not try making authentic felafal combining them with brown onions, or using them in a curry with the pink eyes? – and it’s hard to go wrong with locally grown staples like bunched carrots, broccoli and apples.