All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 9th November

Spring continues to deliver the goods – asparagus from Premium Fresh is plentiful and delicious, strawberries are already on the menu, and new season Dutch creams and Bismarks from Dendra Market Gardens are great value at $50 a case.

This week we have a few special items – skyphos lettuce and baby leek bunches from Grown for Taste, red mizuna, purple radish, fennel and chives from Richmond Farm, and green capsicums from Brandsema (red and yellow capsicums will be available in a week or two).

Elphin Grove are digging the last of their celeriac this week, so it’s a good week to stock up – celeriac stores well so they may have some stored celeriac available for a few more weeks, but please note that freight charges may apply for a special order later on. Please get orders in for celeriac TODAY.

Beurre Bosc pears from OE Hansen & Son are available this week – this will also be the last opportunity to order these, which still cool-store very well (we have some in our fridge from a few weeks ago and they’re still crisp and in great condition).

Orders for Brandsema lines (cherry tomatoes, capsicum, and vine ripened tomatoes), York Town Organics need to be in on Mondays please. All other lines should be ordered no later than Tuesday lunchtime – after this we will probably only be able to supply produce from southern growers (Richmond Farm, Cracknell tomatoes.