All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 2nd November

Just a little reminder before we get started this week… we order everything in as we/you need it, freshly picked and harvested. We don’t order in more than we need, and produce has to come in from all over the state which means different lines have different lead in times. The good thing about this is we’re not trying to sell old stock before new; however, it does mean that we recommend placing orders as soon as you can, and orders placed later than Tuesday morning are likely to have items that can’t be sourced. I’ll do my best to advise if any lines need to be ordered no later than Monday, and where lines can be sourced with less notice we’ll do what we can 🙂

Strawberries from DM Jennings have started early this year – at this stage only half kg second punnets are available but premium strawberries shouldn’t be far off.

Leafy greens are plentiful and varied this week – all bulk greens from York Town are on special ($21.5/kg), Grown for Taste have salanova (i.e. crinkly) and butterleaf lettuces available for $2.6 ea or $24/10, and Dendra Market Gardens are entering the bagged salad market, meaning we can offer 150g bags of spinach or rocket for $2.75 each (we should have a bulk price on these from next week once the boxes arrive at the farm…).

Bream Creek Community Market Garden are pulling a heap of green garlic this week, which can be yours for $17.5/kg – great value! – and fresh field-grown mint from Richmond Farm is also available.

Asparagus from Premium Fresh will be available every week but only for November and some of December – enjoy it while it lasts. The bulk-buy quantity is 32 bunches (for both premium and large) – no idea why, but it appears to be industry standard. If you can stretch to this quantity it’s a good saving – $2 each vs $1.7ea for a full box. We may look at bringing in an intermediate price if needed.