All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 19th October

This week we’re rather excited to be able to bring you new season potatoes freshly dug from Dendra Market Gardens! No photo as yet sorry (I’ll try to get this to you later in the week), but we’re sure they’ll be to the usual high standard coming off his 50 acre Cuprona farm. Varieties available are pink eyes, Bismarcks (which are the northern version of pink eyes – similar flavour and texture but paler flesh and purple eyes instead of pink), and Dutch creams, all available for the great price of $50 a case (20kg).

We’ve also included the full range of York Town Organics certified organic bulk lines for restaurants and cafes – this includes a great range of salad and cooking greens for $24/kg, plus French breakfast radishes, Tokyo turnips, micro salad and pea tops. Orders for these are required by Tuesday morning at the latest.

We’re ordering with Brandsema this week, who in addition to their regular cherry tomatoes and angel cherry tomatoes have super-sweet over-size cherry tomatoes (pictured) which are available for order at the same price as their regular cherry tomatoes. They’ll also have vine ripened tomatoes available (price is yet to be confirmed), but cucumbers and eggplants will not be available this season, and capsicums are a month or so off.

Asparagus should be ready to go next week, and we’re also looking forward to some lovely whole lettuce varieties coming in soon from Grown for Taste, along with the full-size cos lettuce and iceberg lettuce from Southern Fields.

The attached price list is revised to make the different price-scales consistent – from now on, products will be available at a retail price (which is still considerably cheaper in most cases than buying the equivalent at a grocer or supermarket) for smaller purchases, or a wholesale price for a set order size (which varies based on a number of factors, but mainly reflects the standard carton/tray sizes that growers supply in). Retail purchases (note the asterixes) may not always be possible to supply as the numbers need to fit in with what we need for our regular vegie box customers, but we’ll endeavour to make it work where we can. Wholesale purchases are more reliable, unless supply becomes a issue or orders are placed too late for dispatch from the grower, and please note that some wholesale prices have actually come down in the revised list. Orders in excess of a set wholesale quantity that don’t add up to a multiple of that quantity will be charged at a compromise of retail and wholesale prices at our discretion.

The two lists may separate when the range of lines available increases, but for now the shorter retail list comes first, followed by the longer wholesale list.