All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 7th September

This week for the first time we’re offering Tunnel Hill Mushrooms mixed oyster mushrooms for $30/kg. Dean grows three varieties (white, tan and grey) in a disused railway tunnel, and stock will be picked to order so it’s super-fresh for Friday delivery – these should be available all weeks starting this week. Next week will be parsnip week – and it will probably be the last week we’re offering parsnips for the season, which generally runs from January to September. Don’t forget we’ll need orders this week to supply next Friday (14th).

We’re offering a range of certified organic bagged greens from York Town Organics (tatsoi, rocket, salad mix, red mizuna) this week – orders need to be in today for these please – as well as their baby coloured turnips for $8.5/kg. Kylie’s sweet (and generally quite big, so minimum prep per weight) swede are available this week, and Richmond Farm’s Tuscan Kale is also available again this week, along with their silverbeet, bok choy and radishes.

Local produce will be a little slow during September – we’re anticipating asparagus will start in October, firstly with Newry Farm in small quantities, and then in much more (and cheaper) supply when Premium Fresh start in November. Brandsema cherry tomatoes should start again this month hopefully with supply building up towards summer, and we’re also looking forward to some lovely heirloom varieties of whole lettuce from Grown for Taste starting some time in October.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 7th September