All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 31st August

This week we’ll be ordering with OE Hansen & Sons in Nubeena so pears are on the menu; we’re also ordering with Hills Hydroponics, but with the cold weather the only herbs currently available are mint, tarragon and chives. Our supply of 10kg potato bags from Dendra Market Gardens is all but finished – we do have two bags of kennebecs left if anyone would like them! – but we do have Nicola (very similar to Dutch Cream) and Up to Date potatoes from John and Russet Burbank potatoes from Nicky – both $12/10kg.

Premium Fresh and Dendra Market Gardens lines are both available this week – we can also source Brussels Sprouts crowns for $29/carton. Richmond Farm have lovely rainbow chard available, and we may also be able to supply small quantities of delicious mixed gourmet mushrooms from Cygnet Mushroom Farm – very much first in best dressed on this one!

We’re also offering home-made, gold medal winning traditional salt-cured preserved lemons for $5/295g jar (negotiable for larger orders) this week. These were made last year so they’re very much ready to use right now – but have plenty of life left in them too – and have been made in accordance with HCC stipulations in a registered kitchen. Fully labelled and retail-ready!