All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 17th August

From this week we’re working towards ordering with Dendra Gardens and Premium Fresh most weeks, rather than on alternate fortnights – this means we can offer a range of great value bunched lines (roots, greens) and loose (e.g. beetroot, sprouts) pretty much all weeks. However, there still will be a limited range of lines that are available on a small-order basis as this is dependent upon what lines we’re using in our boxes in a given week. This week’s lines available in small order, for instance, are radish, bunched carrot, shallots and brussels sprouts.

Special items this week include Richmond Farm’s golden bunched beets, baby leeks and tatsoi, and Kylie’s swedes; our potato grower John also has up to date potatoes – great for roasting – in large quantities, so we can offer these for $12/10kg. We’re ordering with Hills Hydroponics this week and they’ve got a pretty good range available this week (basil, coriander, mint, tarragon, rosemary) after being short for a while due to issues with their heating.

We’ll be ordering parsnips for next week this Wednesday, so if you’d like these we advise pre-ordering this week (we can sometimes sneak extras in on MONDAY but they’re dispatched to the freight depot on Tuesday). Celeriac is also on the plan for next week, and we’re also hoping to get another load of cabbages down from Old School Farm. We have a gap in supply on brown onions this week but will have more available next week. Sadly The Old Farm have run out of their iron-bark pumpkin; unless anything else comes along we’ll only have grey pumpkin available for the rest of the season.