All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 10th August

This week we’ll be ordering pears from OE Hansen & Son – please stock up for the next few weeks! We’re also doing an order with Dendra – this week Maurice has spring onions, silverbeet, buk choy and bunched carrots available, along with loose baby and normal size beets. Dendra’s bagged 10kg Dutch and Kennebec potatoes are starting to run low – we’ll stock up a bit but whatever we get this week will probably be the last of their potatoes for the season; after this we’ll likely switch to 10kg potato bags from Moore’s Farm Fresh in Scottsdale, who in addition to Dutch and Kennebec should have Russets and Mayflowers.

We’ll be picking up potatoes from John in Cygnet this week – there’s still a huge range available, including my favourite, the pink fir apple! Cauliflower and lettuce from Southern Fields are available this week but at this stage we’ll probably skip next week so we recommend getting enough caulis for this week and next if you have the fridge space to do so, as they’re super-fresh and will easily last the distance.