All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 3rd August

This week we’ll be ordering with Hills Hydroponics – their supply is currently limited but they do have basil, tarragon, mint, chives, coriander and kale available, all grown in their hydroponic hot-house at Devonport. If you’d like any of these lines please get your orders in as early as you can Tuesday – orders later than this may not be able to be filled as orders are dispatched Wednesday for us to collect Thursday from the freight depot.

Premium Fresh have limited quantities of silverbeet and rhubarb available this week (the earlier you get your order in for this the better), along with most of the usual lines, including leeks. Carrots may or may not be available – if you want them please let me know and I’ll make enquiries. Brussels sprouts crowns are available too if you’re looking for something different – $29/carton.

Cauliflower and cos lettuce are direct from Southern Fields this week – we’ll likely be ordering with them again next week also.

We’ve just had an order of delicious freeze-dried blueberries from Three Peaks Organics this week, which came with a free sample of their blueberry powder, made with their Tasmanian-grown organic blueberries – if you’re interested in this item please let us know – if interest is sufficient we may order some to keep in stock. Certified organic oats and quinoa from Kindred are available all weeks, and we can also supply their other certified organic grains and flours including spelt and buckwheat in large or small quantities as required. Honey (leatherwood, spring or bush) is another shelf-stable product we regularly have available for our box customers from King Bee Honey – this usually comes in 450g jars ($6) but if you’re looking for large quantities we may be able to source this for you.