Wholesale offers – 13th July

This week we’ve got a wide range of great value produce coming in from Dendra Market Gardens – wombok, spring onions, Asian greens, bunched carrots along with loose beets and potatoes. Caulis, mini cos and iceberg lettuce are coming in from Southern Fields, and we also have plenty of certified organic grains (oats, quinoa) in stock, along with delicious Coaldale Walnuts, and brown and red onions from Moore’s. We’ve got a few punnets of Cygnet Mushroom Farm gourmet mix left over at this stage – strictly limited – so please let us know if you’re interested in these.

Truss tomatoes are now finished for the season – although we may be able to get some saucing tomatoes in this week if things pan out – and Premium Fresh rhubarb is also finished for the season. We have a few butternut pumpkins left, but there’s plenty of grey pumpkin available when this runs out. This week we’ll be getting potatoes from John so if you’re keen to get any of the special varieties he has available please let us know – we also have Nicky’s Russets available.

We’re hoping to have lemons and cumquats available this week – limes and grapefruit are less likely but may become available.