Wholesale offers – 29th June

This week we’ve got some interesting fruit options available, including strictly limited quantities of tamarillos and kiwi-fruit from Kindred Feijoas, $6/kg. Thanks for your patience while we work on our citrus collective – this week we should have plenty of cumquats available, and hopefully some lemons and limes. Grapefruit are slower to ripen and thus will only be available from time to time. We’ll continue to leave these items parked on the availability list for now so that if we get contacted by a home-grower mid-week we know who’s keen to take the fruit!

On the veg front, we’ll have some supply of wombok from Dendra Market Gardens again this week, and we’re also ordering cabbage from Old School Farm in Preston – follow the link to learn more about this grower and their practices. We’ve been advised by Premium Fresh that carrot season will end last week – other growers may finish a little before or after this but it certainly won’t be long til local loose carrots will be finished for the season.

Garlic is also still available at $19/kg.

From July, due to some changes in how we’re managing our vegie box pack on Thursdays, we’re planning to move all wholesale deliveries to Friday mornings. We hope this doesn’t cause any inconvenience – it hopefully should make the delivery process a little less frantic!