Wholesale offers – 21st June

This week we’ve got a super-special on saucing tomatoes from Cracknells tomatoes at $20 for 10kg – this may be the last time these are available as the season draws to a close, it’s a great chance to do some bottling to be ready for winter.

If you forgot to pre-order parsnips last week let us know RIGHT NOW and we can probably still get them on the pallet that’s dispatched tomorrow; premium are $48/10kg and large seconds (perfect for soups, purees) are $42/20kg.


This will be the last week of broccoli from Premium Fresh – $24/8kg is a great price at the moment and prices will rise next week – our PF broccoli from two weeks ago is still in great condition so stocking up for a week or few is worth doing.

Demand for local home-grown citrus is much bigger than we anticipated; we’ll do our best to keep filling your orders but bear with us as we continue to grow our network of growers. Cumquats are likely to be a week or so off being ready to go.

As always – don’t forget to let us know if there’s something you’d like that’s not on the list. We may also have some other offers coming out later today.