Wholesale offers – 7th June

This week have some lovely home-grown horseradish from Maurice at $16/kg – supply is limited, so don’t wait to order! We’ve also got great value leeks from Dendra Market Gardens available, $35/10kg bag. Delicious pears from O.E. Hansen & Son are also available for $3.25/2kg bag (we’ll generally have these available every three or four weeks).

We’re ordering with Premium Fresh this week which means a great range of staple veg; premium broccoli is great value at $23/8kg. Herbs from Hills Hydroponics are also available – coriander, basil and mint are plentiful, other lines are limited. Russets from Nicky are still available, and Kennebecs and Dutch Cream from Dendra Gardens are now $10.5/10kg.


If there’s anything you’re after that’s not on our list let us know and we’ll see what we can work out for you.