Wholesale offers – 31st May

This week we’ve got a great range of potatoes available to suit all budgets. Our regular grower has delicious pink fir apple and kipfler potatoes available at $35/10kg, as well as a huge range of other varieties @ $58/20kg including general purpose (Kestrel, Yucon Gem), mashers and chippers (Tasman, Brownell, Bismarck), roasters (King Edward, Up to Date) and even some Red Foo, which are pink-red on the inside as well as the outside. If you’re in the market for a good value chipper, Nicky’s Russet Burbanks (the gold standard American French fry potato) are a great choice at $12/10kg. We also have 10kg bags of Kennebecs and Dutch Cream from Dendra Market Gardens for $10.5/10kg.

We’re getting a load of celeriac down from Elphin Grove Farm this week – if you’re looking for top quality celeriac these are definitely the ones to go for. We only get these in every few weeks so don’t forget to stock up – they cool store very well. Butternuts are back this week and at a reduced price of $1.5/kg, and we still have plenty of Nicky’s QLD Blue and Jarrahdale pumpkins available at $1.2/kg.

If you forgot to order pre-order parsnips last week, get onto it NOW, and we may be able to get this organised for you – 20kg bags of large second grade are $42 and premium smalls are $48. We’ve also got a couple of organically grown lines available this week – leeks from Golden Valley Farm for $10/kg and lovely bunches of ruby chard from Bream Creek Community Market Garden for $2.3 each.

Don’t forget to get your orders in by midday Tuesday – the sooner the better, but orders placed after this time may not be able to be filled in their entirety.