Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 25th May

This week we welcome Dendra Market Gardens from Cuprona to the Backyard Bounty family. Maurice runs a mixed crop market garden – this week we’ve been able to get some delicious green capsicums and beetroot, along with some great value Dutch Cream and Kennebec potatoes that we’ll be offering as a bulk buy in future weeks, but we’re really looking forward to the full range of veg that comes out of the farm in peak season!

We also welcome back Cygnet Mushroom Farm, who have supplied generous oyster mushroom punnets for all $40 boxes. $40 boxes also have versatile certified organic quinoa (we’ll share more details about how to cook this later) from Kindred Organics, and Richmond Farm have supplied enough fennel for all the $30 and $40 box customers to enjoy along with more lovely baby silverbeet.