Wholesale offers – 24th May

Winter’s coming on fast – this week Brandsema are finishing up for the season, which means cherry tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum are finished, and at this stage it’s unlikely we’ll have reliable supply of strawberries from DM Jennings, with the wild weather last week and the cold temperatures. However, there’s still plenty of great Tassie produce to be had!

This week we’re offering parsnips direct from Sassy Snips, but please note that we need a bit of a longer lead-in time with these, so orders placed this week will be filled next Thursday (31st). Supply shouldn’t be an issue, so we’d recommend stocking up as we’ll only order every few weeks. (The same stocking up principle also applies to swedes and celeriac, by the way!)


Truss tomatoes from Cracknells are still available for the moment, as well as a pretty good supply of cheaper sauce-grade tomatoes; we’re also getting in a load of green capsicum at $6/kg from a new supplier, Dendra Market Gardens, this week – Dendra are outside the fruit-fly exclusion zone in Cuprona so the capsicums are fumigation free. If you’d like any capsicum please let us know, supply may be limited.

Richmond Farm have some lovely young silverbeet at the moment – nice thin stems and tender leaves – and fennel is also available this week at $3.5. There’s heaps of great QLD blue pumpkin from Maydena too at $1.2/kg – this should be available for the next few weeks at least.

Please note that from this week we’ll be charging a $5 delivery fee for orders under $50 (this doesn’t apply if you’re a vegie box customer and you’re ordering from the list as an add-on to a box that you’re already paying to have delivered.)

Wholesale offers – 24th May