Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 11th May

Despite the record deluge and gusting winds, BB pushed on and delivered 200 boxes of fresh Tassie produce – well actually 199 as one couldn’t be delivered to a closed workplace and will need to be sorted out tomorrow… As the rains subside, and the damage toll is counted, we’re offering a rainbow of Tassie produce – which is almost as good as the pot of gold that sadly won’t be at the end of it!

In addition to the lovely red foo potatoes from John already covered in our tempter post on Facebook and our new Instagram page yesterday, we’ve got a full spectrum of colours: orange carrots and pumpkin; red capsicum, tomatoes, strawberries and onions; green is represented by cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale; brown potatoes, walnuts; pure white Dunganski garlic from John; and a couple of great shades of purple in the form of radishes from Richmond Farm and rhubarb from Premium Fresh.

It’s been a big day, and we’re looking forward to rugging up for a slightly more settled night in our mostly dry house tonight; our thoughts are with those who have suffered heartbreaking losses in the bad weather, and we’re also hoping we might be able to figure out a way to send some of the not insubstantial amount of leftover produce we’ve ended up with this week to those who either have lost the roof over the head or had to suffer through the storm without even having one in the first place. We’re hoping that our little rainbow brings some light into your day, and we’re praying that our growers and producers will still have more great produce to offer you next week; growing food is hard work even when the weather is on your side!