Wholesale Offers – 3rd May

For the next few weeks we’re hoping to have some supply of feijoas – this fragrant, soft fruit is a favourite of New Zealanders and has a truly unique flavour. It also makes great jam – and even wine. Our semi-commercial grower in the north of the state is unlikely to be able to supply this year, but we’ve found a local home-grower with a pretty prolific tree in the south! They’re available in 1kg lots if you’d like to just try some, or in 4kg trays. Our own home-grown figs have slowed down a bit with the weather but we’re still picking limited amounts; we’ve also got some home-grown walnuts available, along with the excellent Coaldale Walnuts product which will be available for quite a few months – both at the same great price of $9.5/kg.

Our potato grower John is digging all his spuds for the winter and as a result we have an enormous range of potatoes available – if you’d like to know more about any of these please let me know. New-season swede are also available from Mt Lloyd – Kylie waits til winter to dig these so they’re super-sweet and a great size too.

We anticipate that we may have some other lines available this week but haven’t confirmed these yet – these will be emailed out when they’re confirmed. If there’s something you’re after that’s not on the list let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you!

If you haven’t already signed up to our mailing list for wholesale offers please email backyardbounty.barter@gmail.com to set this up.

Wholesale offers – 3rd May