Wholesale offers – 19th April

This week Southern Fields begin harvesting their winter crop of cauliflowers – Ben & Amy grow caulis in winter only to reduce chemical inputs – and as a result we’re now able to offer these at $2.4, a substantial drop in price, along with their iceberg letuce for $23 a dozen.

We’ll be doing an order with Hills Hydroponics this week, so almost all herbs will be available.

Corn will be available for hopefully two or three more weeks; rhubarb from Premium Fresh is great at the moment but will likely finish up as it starts to get properly cold.

This week we have freshly dug kipflers available, along with Maris Piper, Tasmans, Kennebecs, Dutch Creams, and White Eyes – a delicious waxy potato similar to a Pink Eye but with the colours back to front: white-eyes on a purple skin.

In addition to shallots, Premium Fresh also have Eschallions available – the same great sweet flavour, but in an elongated shape that’s easier to prep.