Wholesale Offers – 23rd March

This week we’re offering a pretty broad range of produce – please note though that we’ll only be wholesaling avocados next week as we aren’t running vegie boxes in that week. Most of what’s available this week will last well over a fortnight so feel free to stock up in the interim!
This week we’re ordering with Hills Hydroponics, so we’ve got a full range of quality herbs (and also watercress) at good prices – please note supply is limited on tarragon, sage, thyme and dill, but we’ll do our best to fill your order.
Avocados will only be available for a couple more weeks – if you want an order for next week please let us know today as we’ll need to give some notice to get these down for that week. Corn should be available til mid April, beans, raspberries and zucchini won’t be available for much longer either.
If frozen berries are something you’d be interested in, please let us know as we can access these through the same growers we buy fresh from.
From April, we’re planning to trial moving to a once a week Thursday afternoon delivery for wholesale customers to simplify logistics – if this won’t work for you, please let us know.