Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 23rd March

BB are having Good Friday off next week, so we wanted to make sure this box was chock-full of goodies, and judging by how difficult it was to shut the $40 boxes for delivery this morning I think we might have succeeded! We’ve also aimed to include items that will keep well for a week or two if stored correctly – cauliflower, carrots, truss tomatoes plus the obvious potatoes, onions, garlic and shallots that store well over many weeks if kept cool (not refrigerated) and dark.

Richmond farm have supplied some beautiful curly kale this week, along with zucchini and spinach, and basil is also back – the lasting fragrance of Corey’s sourdough and basil does get a bit distracting when out on the road delivering boxes! Grown for Taste have supplied some delicious pumpkin for $20 boxes this week – sadly their produce will be a less frequent addition in boxes over the cooler months this year, but we’re working with the bearded wonder (George) on a plan to be able to include more of their beautiful produce available next season, and in the meantime we are expecting a few more bits and pieces from them over winter.

Premium Fresh have sent down some great rhubarb this week, along with carrots and new-season shallots, which are definitely worth the little bit of extra prep-work and are the corner-stone of large chunks of French and Asian cooking. Rhubarb and the strawberries included in the fruit supplement are a great combination… this week’s raspberries sadly will be the last pick for the season from Raspberries Tasmania, but pears and quinces should be just around the corner.