Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 23rd February

In a week where Tassie supermarkets have had to remove vast quantities of fruit brought in from interstate from their shelves, we’re joyfully finishing off our seasonal fruit box with a bang rather than a whimper! There’s definitely no fruit fly larvae in the delicious white-flesh peaches and nectarines that were picked at the Canes’ Franklin orchard on Wednesday; nor in the certified and sweet-as new-season Gravenstein apples from Mark & Christine at Cradoc; nor in the premium strawberries from David Jennings’ Cygnet farm; and not even in the home-grown plums from Bec in Mt Stuart. True, as we only sell Tasmanian produce we’ll never have bananas or mangos; but not only does Tasmanian fruit taste better, and is more nutritious as it’s fresher, eating local fruit is better for our state’s biosecurity and economy. Me, gloat? Never…

Capsicums, usually plentiful from two major northern growers at this time of year, are still virtually impossible to get hold of, but this week thanks to Grown for Taste at Saltwater River, we’ve been able to source enough to put in the organic and $40 boxes, and we’re hoping we might be able to get a few for other boxes next week too. There’s no shortage of beautiful, fresh non-fruit goodies coming down from exclusion zone despite the restrictions on fruit movement – this week the sweetest corn cobs from Elphin Grove, carrots, broccoli and turnips from Premium Fresh, beans from Harvest Moon and mushrooms from Tas Mushrooms – and thankfully we’re also able to still get avocados down as unripe avos aren’t able to harbour fruit fly.


(By the way, at $16/kg it looks like we’re offering the best price for Avoland avos around… most other retailers seem to be offering them at between $18 and $19/kg, and if you take advantage of our wholesale tray price of $70 you’ll be getting them for just $14/kg! They’re always available for an impulse cash buy on Fridays during opening hours or you can add them to your box order.)

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s in this week’s boxes..