Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 16th February

Thankfully this week’s wild weather luckily hasn’t really had a huge impact on putting together a great range of produce for you – with power out at Lymington John & son Ben were using a generator to run lights to pack potatoes in the shed, and Tru Blu had to stop picking as the grading machine can’t run off the inconsistent power of a generator; up north the truck carrying avocados broke down (probably not weather related) but they still arrived in time… all part of a pretty average week of dealing with problems and keeping the show on the road!

Fruit availability is really starting to tighten up, but when trying to find fruit for fruit boxes and supplements we made the happy discovery that Lucaston Park Orchards, who we know as cherry, raspberry and apple growers, also grow a small amount of plums, the first variety of which, Aussie Belle’s, are included in this week’s boxes. Don’t forget to let them sit out on the bench for a couple of days to reach their full juicy ripe glory. Blueberries have a couple of weeks until the season finish, cherries and apricots are finished, but fingers crossed we may have found somewhere we can get some raspberries from in the coming weeks, and word is that new-season Gravensteins may be ready for next week!

We’re pleased to have been able to share George & Hilary’s delicious tomatoes with all box types over the past two weeks – we do have some limited supply of saucing tomatoes available from them also for order – and their delicious chemical free strawberries are also featured again in the fruit boxes this week. Red cabbage makes a welcome return (cabbages are at their best in summer and autumn) and close to 750 cobs of Tassie corn are also heading out to customers this week – sounds like the makings of a pretty tasty salad, especially with avocado in the mix…

$30 and $40 boxes get one of my top-five favourite potatoes this week – the King Edward, perfect for roasting – and garlic and fresh basil are just the ticket for a bit batch of pesto. Mushrooms are in again – we’ve struggled to get regular supply of these in the past but we think we may have found a solution to getting these in boxes more often in future – and we’re also hitting up Harvest Moon for beans as hard as we can while the season lasts. Organic boxes this week are lucky enough to have rhubarb and greenages from our own backyard bounty!